Located in a green setting that is a far cry from urban reality, Maya is tranquil school that offers education from kindergarten to secondary level.

Maya Preschool

Every day of children at the age of from 18 to 36 months in Maya Preschool passes by with their full of the joys of spring and self-care.

The children regularly learn to prepare their own tables, make choices of food, have meals, and clean up after themselves. They are also taught how to practice personal hygiene habits on a daily basis.

On nice days, the children would play out in the garden at leisure with some little chicks and cats running around. On rainy days, they could sit on the porch together watching the rain fall while having a friendly chat.

Maya makes use of all these childhood days to help the children find faith in this rosy world, as well as in their own strength and goodness.

When turning 3 years old, they are transferred to Bilingual Grade 3-6, where they would daily be under the guidance of one foreign teacher and two Vietnamese teachers.

The children would spend 3 hours a day in the Montessori program with a view to building a foundation for themselves step by step in Practical life skills; developing delicate senses; sharpening mathematical and logical thinking; discovering the abilities and passion for language; acquiring knowledge of global cultures; and appreciating the beauty of art.

During the time remaining the children would play in the garden occupying themselves with drawing, dancing, swimming, cooking, growing plants, raising pets, or simply chatting with friends. Such activities would definitely make their childhood be filled with joy.

All the classes at Maya Preschool are equipped with the following facilities which allow adults to instruct children as to doing things by themselves:

  • A lovely small kitchen in which they could prepare their own tables and clean up after themselves, or make light afternoon snacks together;
  • Comfortable toilets and low height lockers which enable them to take care of their own bodies;
  • Individual bedrooms which provide them with private, peaceful sleeping places;
  • Beautiful Montessori learning kits which spark their interests in studying, help them become focused, thorough and self-reliant, as well as cultivate their passion for studying and working.

Maya hopes that when graduating from Maya, the 6-year-old children would be equipped with confidence and self-love; a sense of respect and kindness to people around them; faith and love for this beautiful world.

Maya Elementary School

Maya Elementary School is situated in a small peaceful forest on a hill.

Every morning in this campus, students would work simultaneously with both foreign and native teachers with a sense of freedom and responsibility as to making their own plans to complete their curriculums, for instance, studying phonetics and literature, developing the abilities and passion for language; learning mathematics based on its practical application; and studying all aspects of the universe such as biology, geography, history, etc.

In the afternoon they would carry out practical projects and present them in English. Alternatively, they could perform dances, go swimming, play football or basketball, etc. in the physical education areas on the hill. Especially, they could spend their spare time in Maya Village’s workshops:

  • Learning and creating art under the guidance of a true visual artist;
  • Doing woodwork with industrial design experts and local carpenters;
  • Learning handicrafts with experts in order to be self-sufficient in pottery, fabric decorations, candles, etc. used in the school;

They assist the farmers with planting or gathering crops in harvesting seasons.

They perform a play together based on their favorite literary works on festive occasions.

They sit by the stove listening to the music through the hands of their friends on cold days.

They play out on the lawn on beautiful days.

The students are encouraged to set out their own plans to complete compulsory academic programmes, as well as actively pursue their passions;

They should learn how to collaborate with friends to accomplish major tasks, and attempt to fulfill social responsibilities.

They learn to understand themselves, and become aware of the connection between themselves and society.

Students at Maya Elementary School are provided with a chance to grow up with such goodness every day in their youth.

Maya Secondary School

As students at Maya Secondary School, Maya teenagers are at ease travelling between classrooms for different subjects with a view to completing required academic programmes, as well as pursue individual passions. They are taught by the teachers from all over the world and are supplied with the best research laboratories to serve their purposes of study and research.

The time has come for them to claim themselves as global citizens.

In the afternoon, Maya Secondary School students would divide themselves into such groups as farmers, craftsmen, and traders to undertake responsibilities and learn how to run their businesses which are in food and handicrafts production. Such operations should serve the needs of the school, and the remaining products are properly planned for sale, the income of which would goes to the school’s annual and charitable activities.

The students study and research, as well as follow their personal plans and realize their dreams on their own responsibility. At the same time, they could make practical contributions to the community life, which is the best way for Maya Secondary School students to be prepared before stepping into the future society.

““We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit.””

Maria Montessori | Education for a New World, p. 69